What is busbar?
Busbar is a power distribution unit for modern electronics that is used in a variety of applications. It is an electrical conductor that is able to establish a common connection among several circuits.
Why should we use bubars?
Busbar provides a more reliable solution compared to the traditional cable system. It offers an organized and simple working environment within the cabinet, as well as a convenient and error-free installation.

Amphenol GEC is the largest supplier of cable assemblies for telecommunication, industrial, medical and automotive industries in China.
We manufacture cable assemblies that accommodate to our customer’s specification. With 15 years of experience in China, we have established broad cooperative relationships with raw material suppliers domestically and internationally. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Amphenol cooperation, AGEC also cooperates widely with other Amphenol sister divisions for new connector and raw cable designs. AGEC is the ideal choice for high quality and low cost solutions for integrated production line in your interconnect system.

AGEC cable assemblies offer the following advantages:
•  reduced inventory - no storage of cables and connectors
•  no capital investment required
•  no personnel training required
•  error-free - perfect assembly every time

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